About Dave Dardine

Dave has been active on the Colorado music scene since arriving here from the East Coast in 1988. Playing with popular regional bands Common Ground, Vegetable Stew, The Howlers, The Robert Wilson Blues Band, The Agave Brothers, The Blues Dogs and, currently, The Dave Dardine Project (aka Cowboys Dead), Dave has become renowned for his unique style of guitar playing and vocals that stand out in the often homogenized world of blues rock. 

Influenced by such diverse masters of guitar as the three Kings, Jerry Garcia and Duane Allman, and often compared stylistically to Derrick Trucks, Dave's style of lead guitar is more governed by musicality, exploration, improvisation and complex emotion than seeing how many notes can be crammed into a measure. In fact, his often "less is more" approach has become his signature, using his guitar's strings to bend notes much like how a Sumi-e artist uses ink and brush to create a perfectly formed stroke.

The Dave Dardine Project surprises and delights audiences with their original interpretations and performances.  Never one to go along with the crowd, Dave has sought to simultaneously return to and re-imagine the essence of what makes music “The Blues”. 



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Photo credit: Maggie Daniels